Bailongo del dia de muertos Facepaintingcostumeparty

atelier-schwartz-partyEste viernes 30 de octubre celebraremos en el Atelier el dia de muertos con un superfieston hasta q cante el gallo.
Mucha musica con Lino del Fango y MacumbiaSystem&Friends.

Am Freitag den 30. Oktober feiern wir den Toten Tag mit einem Köstumparty bis zum Morgen Grauen im Atelier.
Latin&AfrikanQuerbeat mit:
Lino del Fango+MacumbiaSystem&Friends

ATELIER SCHWARTZ ab 18:30 Geöffnet


FelaBration mit Lino del Fango 17.10.2015

Am Samstag den 17.10.2015 Lass Lino del Fango die Vinyl-Teller bei uns im Atelier Schwartz wieder Rollen. Funk, Afrobeat & Reggae vom feinsten17.10.15

For more than a decade it has been celebrating the birthday of Fela Kuti (15 October 1938), with various activities in cities like New York, Chicago, Oakland, Los Angeles, Austin, Atlanta, Washington, Boston, San Diego , Mexico City, Miami, Lagos, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Rio, and now is time to Dresden!

In this occasion KalaKuta Show system will be at charged of this night, where the afrobeat the funk and the afro riddims will fullfill us Inside Out.

Open invitation to all the people who want to contribute in some point to the Fela’s legacy. Contact Fb: Lino di Fyah

Body Paiting by Jackline Zachline


Road me: 99 Days to the East

atelier schwartz vortag dia show

Donnerstag den 11. Juni im Atelier
This is the story about a trip mostly by train from Zurich to China and beyond. Philipp Eller – a physicist, traveler and a man who likes old cameras – will share with us his experience and show analog photos from the road.

“Before the start of my PhD I needed a break so I decided to go on a trip. It was actually three trips together: East Europe, Transsiberian train to China and South-East Asia.

During first one month I’ve been traveling through all of former Yugoslavia doing Couchsurfing in every country and thereby learned a lot about their culture and history. I continued by visiting Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. From Kiev I’ve took a flight to St. Petersburg where I’ve met two friends from high school. That’s how the longest part of the trip started – together from the North Russian capital we took the “Transsib” to China. The train alone takes 7 days, but we stopped in many places and stayed there, so in the end for us it took 1 month. On the way to China we crossed Mongolia and this is how our trip ended.

But I wanted to keep on going and continued to Shanghai, where I stayed for 2 more weeks. 3 appended weeks was added by me as relaxing holidays. South east Asia with a friend was nice with a good food, good weather, swimming and diving… but a bit touristy after all the adventures”.

See you at the same place on Thursday, dear travelers!


La verdadera noche Latina en el Atelier Schwartz

Este como todos los viernes los esperamos en el Atelier Schwartz mucha musica latina con Macumbia Nonstop&friends hasta que cante el gallo
No se la pierdanFBSalsaboogalo

Ab 19:00 Uhr Essen aus Lateinamerika
(Tacos al Pastor, Pollo con Mole, Quesadillas, Empanadas, Sancocho Colombiano, Frijoles Charros , und vielen anderen Spezialitäten aus Lateinamerika

Am Freitag 20. März mit Macumbia System & Friends, Lateinamerikanische Musik zum Tanzen und Quatschen. Salsa,Cumbia,Rumba,Merenge Afrobeat boogaloo und Reggaeton .



Kalakuta show System atelier schwartz

Kalakuta show atelier schwartz

Este Sabado 21 de Marzo en la Catedral subterranea del NONSTOP…con Lino de Fyah+Tree Dread.
A partir de las 22 P.M. No se lo pierdan vastar de lux…-Que alguien meexplique!

Samstag den 21. In der Untergründigen Kathedrale des NONSTOP,s ab 22 Uhr
Lino Di Fyah Tree Dread Lassen die Vinylscheiben wieder bei uns beben.

Come to enjoy a journey throughout the world, where
you will listen the crudest afrobeat, reggae, funk, latin and brokenbeats always inna dub style!

Athough KalaKuta Show System comes from Spain are deeply submerged in the suburbs of Lagos (Nigeria) forged in the shadows of the mythical AfricaShrine, and fed from the sweat of Jamaican Sound Systems.

Lino del Fango will be chosen this time as the driver of this eclectic travel, come and take place.

We warn you! Is not easy come back…


Carnaval do Bloco in der Neustadt

Am Freitag den 20 Februar Karneval in Dresden Neustadt. Umzug auf der Straße mit Trommelgruppe Arêre Canibal und danach NON Stop Party im Atelier Schwartz.

21 Uhr: Umzug mit Arêre Canibal.
22 Uhr: Konzert mit BoomBalanço
danach: Dj. MacumbiaSystem&Friends (Samba, Frevo, Marchinhas, Forró und mehr)

Komm vorbei! Mit Kostüm, mit Freunde und CARNAVAL CARALHO!!!


Konvolutt gagga Karachi im Konzert


Liebe Freunde diesen Samstag den 07 Februar ab 21:30. treten bei uns die Rumba-Oriental-Queerbeatband: “gagga Karachi” auf, im Atelier Schwartz. Tanzt, Musik, Konzert und Dj.
Lisa Garcia Veit voc,.Wieland Köbsch git, Basti Tilsch violin, Carsten Bürger perc, Jens Leible Bass
Eine Prise Chili- Weltmusik vom Feinsten ; ))
Wir freuen uns auf euch


Plastic House im Atelier

Este sabado en el keller...Plato de Vinyl electronico con la tripulacion Plastic House

Este sabado en el keller…Plato de Vinyl electronico con la tripulacion Plastic House

Am Samstag den 10. Januar Plastic House ab 22:Uhr Im Atelier schwartz


KUNST VS: SCHWEIGEN Ausstellung Performance





Am Freitag den 14. ab 19:00 Uhr möchten wir Euch wieder im Atelier zu Klanginstallationen und Malerei begrüßen:
Wir freuen uns auf euch !
19:00 Malerei Ausstellung von David Schwartz
20:30 Ansprache des Künstlers
21:00 Performance KUNST VS. SCHWEIGEN:
Instalation Sound Klangfarben von Lisa Garcia, Sebastian Tilsch und Gäste
23:00 Kunstaftershowparty Mit Macumbia Nonstop System&Friends

El Viernes 14 de marzo los invitamos cordialmente a la exposicion KUNST VS. SCHWEIGEN A partir de las 7 P.PM.
pintura de David Schwartz, Arte-Objeto de PanArte Ria y a las 9 de la noche Electro-Voice performance Instalation con Lisa Garcia Veit, Sebastian Tilsch e invitados…